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George Clooney: his hilarious joke when he proposed to Amal

George Clooney is in full promotion of his new movie The Midnight Sky which will be available on Netflix on December 23. As a reminder, the film is about Augustine, a scientist working alone in the Arctic and who must do his best to establish contact with a team of astronauts who are trying to return to Earth. For the purposes of this film, the actor gained weight and let his hair grow. Interviewed by CBS Sunday Morning on November 29, the actor returned to the filming conditions and the reason why he accepted the role. He also told an anecdote about his marriage proposal to Amal. Married since 2014, the couple had no marriage plans or children at the start. “We never talked about marriage when we were going out,” he first explained. “I asked her out of the blue, and it took a while for her to say yes. I was on my knees for 20 minutes,” he said. Seeing that Amal Clooney was taking a long time to realize what was happening, the actor added: “I will end up breaking my hip.” A very funny marriage proposal that the two lovebirds will be able to tell their children but which has also changed their lives. “There is no doubt that having Amal in my life changed everything for me. It was the first time that everything she did and everything about her was infinitely more important than anything that was to me. concerned, “said George Clooney.

A happy husband and dad

George Clooney is a happy man. Indeed, the actor of 59 confided in this same interview about his children. Not having plans to become parents, the couple spoke of it in an innocuous way: “One day we just said to each other: ‘What do you think?”, He first explained. go to the doctor for an ultrasound. They said to me: “You have a little boy!” He says. However, this little boy was not alone. “And you have another”. I was ready to take care of a child. Again, I am old. Suddenly two. I stood there for ten minutes looking at this piece of paper, saying, “What? Two?” The actor jokes. A family life that fills George Clooney and that he did not hesitate to describe as “incredible”.

George Clooney © Action Press

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