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George Clooney: actor hospitalized after losing too much weight for a role

For their roles, some actors are ready to yo-yo with their lines. This Wednesday, December 9, the British tabloid The Mirror revealed that George Clooney had pushed his limits. Indeed, a few days before a new shoot for the film Midnight in the Universe (original title: Midnight Sky) the actor was transported to the hospital while he complained of excruciating pain in his stomach. . The diagnosis fell once Amal Clooney’s husband was there, in the hands of doctors. The father of the family suffered from pancreatitis. Sudden inflammation of the pancreas which can be mild but also fatal. If the consumption of fatty foods is singled out as one of the main causes, infection, disorders following surgery or trauma to the abdomen and cancer of the pancreas cannot be ruled out. This disease can lead to malnutrition or even weight loss.

A radical physical transformation that George Clooney embarked on for his role as an astronaut affected by cancer in Midnight in the Universe. The 59-year-old actor lost nearly 12 kilograms for this feature film, of which he is also the director. He believes that his diet played a role in his health problems. “I think I was trying too hard to lose weight fast and I was probably not taking care of myself,” he said, still according to The Mirror. “It took a few weeks for me to get better and as a director it’s not that easy because you need the energy.” To these difficulties were added the weather conditions around the shoot since George Clooney had packed up to reach Finland. “We were on that glacier in Finland, which made the job a lot harder. But it definitely helped with the character.” Health, comfort … all the sacrifices were good.

George Clooney adopted the beard

But if he quickly invested in losing weight, George Clooney had also offered a radical change of look. For his role, the Hollywood star adopted the beard. Hairiness that was not to the taste of his sweetheart. “My wife and daughter were thrilled when I shaved her because it was so hard to find a face in all this mess,” he said. His only support in wearing this hairy and “ugly” attribute, according to him? His son, Alexander. “My son loved it because he was hiding things in it that I didn’t know about until I got to work. I was like, ‘oh, there’s a lollipop stuck in my beard.’

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