George Clooney: a confidence of the actor creates the out of stock of an improbable object

The American company Flowbee has received quite a publicity stunt thanks to George Clooney. Guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, the actor shared some hair tips. He presented a funny gadget that he has been using for 22 years to cut his hair at home. The device, a real star of American teleshopping dating from the 80s is none other than a vacuum mower called Flowbee. A 2 in 1 that allows you to touch up your cut cleanly thanks to a clipper connected to a vacuum cleaner which collects all the small hairs. Live, in front of an intrigued and amused Jimmy Kimmel, Amal Clooney’s husband even offered viewers a little demonstration of the gadget in action before revealing that it was actually his assistant doing all the work.

After the 59-year-old actor appeared on the show, the product enjoyed a resurgence in popularity and the brand’s website saw its number of orders explode until they were out of stock. Flowbee’s vice president Troy Hunts told TMZ that George Clooney’s unexpected little ad had “led to a tenfold increase in sales, and the website was so overloaded that many customers were not in. able to complete their orders. ” It is true that in the current health context, with the coronavirus pandemic and hairdressing salons which are sometimes forced to close their doors, the device does everything to seduce. Troy Hunts indicated that Flowbee had already enjoyed an increase in sales in 2020 compared to previous years due to the coronavirus but that the increase was nothing compared to what he calls the “Clooney effect”.

George Clooney, heart in hand

George Clooney is the generous type. If he has no problem sharing his tips and beauty secrets, he is also ready to put his hand in the wallet to help those close to him. In the US edition of GQ magazine, the actor confirmed a rumor that said he offered $ 1 million in cash to 14 of his best friends. A way for him to express his appreciation and gratitude to those who helped him before he knew the joys of fame.

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