Christmas is coming and it is synonymous with family moments. The royal family is no exception to this rule. Moreover, the Cambridges would have certain traditions concerning board games at Christmas. There’s even one board game in particular that George and Charlotte love to play, but Prince William doesn’t necessarily support. It was on Radio Marsden that the Duke of Cambridge spoke on the subject.

Indeed, during the discussion with the radio station which serves the Royal Marsden hospital, the husband of Kate Middleton indulged in making some confessions. Remember that this hospital specializes in cancer treatment and of which Prince William is the godfather. During the conversation, the children asked the prince about Christmas. “What’s your favorite board game?” One boy, Henry, asked the future king. Prince William replied: “Henry, we play board games a lot with the kids. We like Monopoly, it’s good and Risk, have you ever played Risk?” “It’s a good board game, it lasts for hours and in general everyone is very upset because they lose. But that’s what I like to play,” he added.

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge confides in the children of the hospital

In other words, this exchange with the children was very instructive. After all, Prince William has gladly indulged in a few confessions. During the interview, he notably revealed that Elf was his favorite Christmas movie. He also confessed that Feliz Navidad was his favorite Christmas song. At the same time, the prince admits to having no idea what the game of Elf On The Shelf was.

“I love Elf on the Shelf – does Elf on the Shelf come to your place?” ¸ asked Theo, a boy from the hospital. A question to which Prince William replied: “Theo, I don’t really know what the pixie is on the shelf, but it looks pretty funny and I would love to have a pixie on my shelf at home. “.

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge and Prince George of Cambridge © Agence

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