The Gemini mom is known to be an intellectual. For a mother born under the astrological sign of Gemini, there is no question of leaving her children to learn alone. Magicmaman magazine describes the Gemini mom as an “educator” mother. For her or her children, the Gemini mom wants to give the best education. She wants her child to have a well-made head. The Gemini mom leaves nothing to chance when it comes to raising her child. She is a mother who never ceases to document herself, to learn more about her child’s development.

A native Gemini mother wears many hats at once for the sake of her child. We can say that she really does not let go of a sole. The Gemini mom is also a teacher. She teaches lessons to her children and does not let them go for homework or for reading stories. The Gemini mom can turn out to be a fine psychologist and in her spare time, she is an excellent playmate. With a Gemini mom, a child is not likely to become a fool.

Gemini: a proud mother

Like all moms, the Gemini mom wants to be proud of her child. Moreover, it is with tears in her eyes that she welcomes the first words of her toddler. Her greatest source of pride is of course her child’s success. However, she does not hear it exactly like all moms. For the Gemini mom, developing her child’s gray matter is of paramount importance. There is no question for her of generating buggers of donkeys. She makes every effort to ensure that her children have a quality education, but above all, she invests body and soul in becoming an educator in her own right.

Gemini Mom: Which Mom Are You?

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