The death of Gaspard Ulliel had the effect of a bomb. Following a serious skiing accident, he breathed his last on Wednesday January 19, 2022. Since then, many tributes have been paid to him. The doubly Caesarized actor still had great projects ahead of him. Moreover, he had already toured with the greatest directors. And even though he had nothing left to prove, he still had to deal with the stress. This is in any case what he had confided in the columns of Madame Figaro in August 2016, during the release of the film by Xavier Dolan, Just the end of the world. On the eve of each shoot, he couldn’t sleep a wink.

“Already, the day before each shoot, I have insomnia, impossible to close my eyes. I was apprehensive to find myself in the middle of these actors. I knew Vincent and Léa well, I had worked with Marion on A Long Sunday de fiançailles, by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I quickly understood that, despite his youth, Xavier has a natural authority. He is also very interventionist. He can interrupt the actors, including in intense scenes. He speaks, gives his opinion . It took me time to adapt,” he said.

Gaspard Ulliel needed a career break

At the same time, Gaspard Ulliel had gone through a crisis, after having shot in too many films. “I decided to slow down. I started young, I was naive, I hadn’t understood that we don’t always forgive you for certain choices, certain mistakes. I made films that were less received, I was looking for myself. I was eager for different cinemas, and I told myself that it would make me invincible since they couldn’t lock me in a box. But it doesn’t work like that, “he said. .

Gaspard Ulliel © Pierre Perusseau

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