This Monday, the mayor of Saint-Maurice de Cazevieille in the Gard made a macabre discovery near the old station of his city. Indeed, a boar’s head was found. “I condemn this act. It’s unacceptable. I don’t want people to think it’s open bar with us. I want to know the culprit” launches David Guiraud. The next day, the gendarmes went to the scene to ascertain the facts. They also removed the animal’s head from a bench. Himself a hunter, the mayor of Saint-Maurice-de-Cazevieille believes “that there has been no wild boar hunt for at least fifteen days in this sector”.

This macabre discovery echoes that made in Saône-et-Loire. Indeed, two foxes were found hanging under the entrance sign to the village of Dracy-Saint-Loup. The One Voice foundation has launched a call for witnesses to find the perpetrators of this act and also offers a reward of 10,000 euros. The mayor of the small town considered this act “shameful”. One Voice launched an appeal, offering “to pay the sum of 10,000 euros” to whoever would “transmit solid information making it possible to formally identify (…) the persons responsible for these acts”.

A call for witnesses launched by the associations

“This information will then be transmitted to the public prosecutor in the context of a complaint by the association”. Indeed the association specifies that “beyond the monstrosity of this staging, these acts constitute criminal offenses”. Despicable facts about animals.

Gard: a mayor files a complaint after an unsavory discovery on a bench

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