On August 27, Gabby Petito, 22, went missing. Last July, she left with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, on a road trip. After extensive research, his body was discovered by law enforcement in Grand Teton National Park in Moosey, Wyoming on September 20. The parents of the young woman reported her disappearance on September 11 without knowing that Brian Laundrie had returned home for ten days. Indeed, they continued to desperately search for their daughter. Since the beginning of this affair, the revelations are linked, including this Saturday, October 2. Police revealed that on September 10, the day before her parents’ report, officers visited the Laundrie’s home. “Nort Port police sent them after receiving calls from the increasingly concerned Petito family,” the New York Post reported. Subsequently, the agents went to the Laundrie’s home forty-six times, without success as they refused to answer questions about Gabby Petito’s disappearance each time. On police reports, the “street checks” were ultimately marked as “problem solved,” the newspaper concludes.

Where’s Brian Laundrie? Earlier this month, he visited with his parents, Roberta and Chris Laundrie, a campground. Documents released by ABC News confirmed the family’s presence in Pinellas County. For his part, Steven Bertolino, the lawyer of Laundrie, indicated that all had “well gone camping together between September 6 and 7. They came back together”. At that time, Gabby Petito had not yet been officially reported missing by her parents. Subsequently, Brien Laundrie went to a nature reserve and he never returned. Her parents quickly called the police to report her missing. So when the young woman’s corpse was found in a Wyoming park on September 19, her companion still hadn’t given any sign of life. “Chris and Roberta Laundrie have no idea where Brian is,” Steven Bertolino, their lawyer, said a few days ago. “They are worried and hope the FBI can locate him,” he continued. To date, Brian Laundrie is the prime suspect and a federal arrest warrant has recently been issued against him.

Brian Laundrie: Was he violent with Gabby Petito?

A new video was unveiled by Fox News this Friday, October 1. In it, Gabby Petito claims to have been hit by Brian Laundrie. “Did he hit you?” Asks a police officer. To which she replies: “Yes, yes I think so, yes. But I hit him first.” Later, this same agent tries to learn more: “Where were you hit? Don’t worry, just be honest.” Faced with this question, Gabby Petito retorts: “He didn’t hit me in the face. He didn’t do that. He instead grabbed my face with his fingernails, I think that’s why I a little cut here. I can feel it when I touch it, it burns me, “she concluded. What happened to Gabby Petito?

Gabby Petito © Instagram

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