Gabby Petito case: this only certainty unveiled on the death of the young woman

There is no longer any room for doubt. Since September 1, the authorities have been tirelessly looking for Gabby Petito, a 22-year-old blogger missing after a roadtrip with her boyfriend, who returned from their trip without her. And while the latter refused to say where he had seen the young woman for the last time, she was found lifeless in Grand Teton National Park in Moosey, Wyoming, Monday, September 20. A fundamental discovery that may have led investigators to perform an autopsy, and thus discover the causes of his death.

After examination, there is no longer any doubt that Gabby Petito was murdered as reported by the forensic scientist, who classified this death as “homicide”, reports 20 Minutes. However, if the professional has established that the circumstances of death were indeed homicide, the cause of death will not be announced until after the publication of the full autopsy report, in the coming weeks. This advance, however, dismisses the thesis of suicide or accident, making Brian Laundrie more than ever a “person of interest” in the death of the young woman. But while he had returned alone from their journey, the young man has also, since September 14, disappeared.

Gabby Petito called the police for domestic violence

For Gabby’s parents, there’s no doubt that their daughter’s boyfriend hasn’t gone missing, but is in hiding. Together for several months, the couple had undertaken last July a long journey through the United States from New York. For weeks, they shared the images of their roadtrip on Instagram and Youtube. Yet what was to be one of the happiest moments of their lives turned into a nightmare when the police were called over a marital dispute on August 12. In a video, Gabby appears in tears, sitting in a car. These are the last images of the young woman alive, while her last text to her mother dates back to the following August 27. After that, no more sign of Gabby Petito was given.

Gabby Petito © Instagram

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