His disappearance and death continue to shake the headlines. Missing since August 2021, Gabby Petito was finally found dead in Wyoming. But since she vanished during a road trip with her fiancé Brian Laundrie, the revelations about her relationship keep coming. Because when they were on the way, the lovebirds clashed violently. An argument that caught the attention of other vacationers and, later, the authorities. The reason ? They were seen beating each other.

Apprehended by the police, as evidenced by a video that made the rounds of the media (and a new version of which was unveiled this Friday, October 1 by the Fox News channel), the 22-year-old influencer confessed. Gabby Petito said she suffered from a disorder causing her to react with violence. Indeed, the young woman suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. Namely, “unreasonable but irrepressible repetitive behaviors which most often affect young subjects, even children”, according to the Inserm website. Drug treatments as well as cognitive-behavioral therapies are available to those who wish to alleviate such behaviors.

Brian Laundrie could have lodged a complaint against Gabby Petito

When she confided in the police officer who came to the scene, on the side of an American road, Gabby Petito confessed to having slapped Brian Laundrie. The latter was encouraged to file a complaint against her by the authorities but, not wishing to follow up on the altercation, he dismissed this suggestion with the back of his hand. The police officers then ordered them to spend a few hours apart before resuming the road. It must be said that the 23-year-old young man, now actively sought by the authorities, is not exempt from all reproach. Gabby Petito confirmed that he, too, hit her after she slapped him.

Gabby Petito © INSTAGRAM

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