Dennis Davis, a 53-year-old engineer is “99.99% sure”, it is Brian Laudrie that he met on the border between North Carolina and Tennessee. Saturday, October 2, in the morning, the fifty-something crosses a man who “spoke savagely” and who acted in a funny way. After being verified on the internet, he understands who he is dealing with and dials 911.

“I was turning around on the road and he came up behind me and he slowed down and kind of flashed his lights,” says Dennis Davis. “Like he was telling me he was going to wait for me. And as I turned and walked back to his side, he was waving his arm out of his truck as if I was slowing down.” This is where the young man addresses him, as the New York Post relates. “He said his girlfriend loved him, that they had a fight and he had to travel to California to see her.” He then asks Dennis Davis to show him the way to get there, using only secondary roads.

A strong physical and vocal resemblance

Once the young man is gone, the engineer parks his vehicle and grabs his cell phone. After two or three searches on the internet, he understands that the man he has just spoken to is none other than Brian Laudrie. He immediately dials 911 and tells everything, in detail, to the operator on the phone. “I’m 99.99% sure it was him,” says Dennis Davis. “Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter sent me an audio file of Brian’s voice and the voice was the same as I heard.” He also points out that he was in a fairly recent white van, “a Ford F150”. For now, Dennis Davis says investigators have not yet called him back.

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