Family affairs. Gabby Petito’s body was discovered on September 19 in Wyoming, while she was on vacation on a road trip with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie. The latter returned alone from their trip on September 1 before leaving with his parents on September 11. Since then, no more news. Already suspect because of his link with the victim, his disappearance only reinforces the suspicions of the police who are still looking for the young man, whose parents are also at the heart of the investigation. But that’s not all since, for some time, another member of the Laundrie family has emerged from the silence: Brian’s sister, Cassie Laundrie. After having completely tripped over the carpet in the middle of a TV show, the latter has not finished talking about her.

According to TMZ, the sister of the suspect principal responded to some of the people who came to protest outside her house recently. “We are just as upset, frustrated and devastated as anyone,” she explained, accompanied by her husband. You should also know that Cassie Laundrie was not on good terms with her brother Brian Laundrie or with her parents, with whom she has not spoken for some time. Due to family issues, the Laundries have become estranged from each other, which means Cassie Laundrie has very little information about what happened to her brother. When questioned about whether her parents helped her brother escape, she simply replied “I don’t know”.

Cassie Laundrie doesn’t know if her brother killed Gabby Petito

When asked about another big question, Cassie Petito also couldn’t assure that her brother hadn’t killed his girlfriend Gabby Petito. Indeed the same answer, “I don’t know”, was given, showing that according to her, Brian Laundrie could have been able to do it. The young man has been wanted for several weeks, but despite the involvement of the FBI, no clue as to his location has yet been found. Via their lawyer, Gabby Petito’s parents sent him a cash message so that he goes to the police, it remains to be seen if this will have any effect.

The Gabby Petito affair © Instagram / Gabby Petito

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