What happened to Gabby Petito? On August 27, the 22-year-old American was reported missing. Last July, she left with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, on a road trip. After extensive research, his body was discovered by law enforcement in Grand Teton National Park in Moosey, Wyoming on September 20. A few days later, this Sunday, September 27, a memorial service was organized on Long-Island. Friends and relatives of Gabby Petito were present and in particular her father, Joe Petito, who wished to speak. “The whole planet knows my daughter’s name. She has inspired a lot of women and a lot of men to do what’s best for them first,” he said at first. “I could not be more proud,” he continued, very moved. Aware of the sadness of the people by his side, Joe Petito said: “I don’t want you to be sad. Gabby didn’t live that way. It wasn’t his way,” he said. concluded.

A happy young woman. If the whole world knows Gabby Petito because of her disappearance and then her murder, Joe Petito said that his daughter was “always a happy girl. People gravitated around her”. Subsequently, he clarified that his “nature was to always smile and to treat everyone with kindness.” Realizing the impact Gabby Petito has on everyone, her father wanted to remind people that it is “important to put your life first. And do it now, as long as you have the time,” says He said before clarifying: “If there is a trip you want to take, do it. Do it now because you can do it. If you are trapped in a relationship that is not good for you. you, leave her. Be inspired by what she has brought here below. ” Faced with his daughter’s funeral urn, Joe Petito explained that it is “normal to cry Gabby, to feel sadness and pain but what we want above all is to celebrate her memory and this that it has been, ”he concluded. A moving speech, which moved Internet users.

Gabby Petito case: what did the young woman die of?

Following the discovery of the young woman’s body, an autopsy was performed. The latter indicated that she had been murdered, as reported by the forensic scientist, who classified this death as “homicide”, reports 20 Minutes. To date, the main suspect is her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, who returned from their journey on his own. He has not been found since September 14. An arrest warrant was issued against him on September 23 by the US federal police. He is charged with “fraudulent use of a debit card” which, for the time being, remains untraceable.

Gabby Petito © Instagram

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