Gabby Petito case: Brian Laundrie autopsy results revealed

The results of his autopsy were eagerly awaited by the Americans. This Tuesday, November 23, the family lawyer, Steven Bertolino announced that Brian Laundrie had died from a bullet in the head. Chris and Robert Laundrie have been told that the cause of death was shot in the head in a way that amounts to suicide. Chris and Roberta are still in mourning for their son and hope this news keep both families moving, ”journalist Brian Entin wrote on Twitter.

This news comes nearly five weeks after the discovery of the body of Brian Laundrie, wanted in the Gabby Petito affair, his girlfriend, found dead, murdered. A first autopsy did not allow forensic scientists to be able to find the cause of death. Indeed, Brian Laundrie’s body had been discovered in the state of a skeleton and devoured by animals. “Human remains on the surface of the ground, with free access for predators and with heat, can decompose in just a week in Florida. Even though the water slows down the process a bit, it’s quite common to see decomposition in less than two weeks, “anthropologist Dr Erin Kimmerleson told The Sun.

A suicide that does not answer questions from families

Brian Laundrie was wanted by police following the discovery of the body of his 22-year-old girlfriend. While the couple had gone on a road trip, the young man had returned alone. After the discovery of the body of the American, a real manhunt had been launched in the United States. The autopsy of Gabby Petito’s body will reveal that she had been killed by strangulation. The suicide of Brian Laundrie corresponds for some, to a confession. At present, no official information points in this direction.

Gabby Petito © Instagram

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