Gone are the days. When she posted an idyllic photo of herself and her fiancé Brian Laundrie, Gabrielle Petito couldn’t imagine that a few months later, a tragedy would end her life. In a photo she shared on her Instagram account in May 2020, the young influencer is in California with her boyfriend, happy and carefree. She accompanied the photo of a legend who already evoked the idea of ​​the roadtrip during which she will lose her life. “I can’t wait to relive days like this, to travel the world with you and have people take pictures of us … I never want to take moments for granted again! ‘love”

Words that reflect Gabby Petito’s enthusiasm at the idea of ​​traveling with her boyfriend Brian, and it was in July that the couple set out on a road trip through the United States which resulted in Gabrielle’s death. Returning alone from the trip on September 1, Brian Laundrie then left on a trip with his parents on September 11 before they reported his disappearance. Main suspect in the assassination of Gabby Petito, he is actively sought by the police and the FBI but that is not all. A TV star has also launched in pursuit of him and intends to find his trace. According to the latest information received by the man in question, it is in the Appalachians that Brian Laundrie could be hiding.

Did Brian Laundrie kill Gabby Petito?

Brian Laundrie, 23, has been the subject of an arrest warrant since the body of his fiancée Gabrielle Petito was discovered in Wyoming. The autopsy has confirmed the homicide thesis, and clues against Brian seem to multiply. The young man would indeed have withdrawn a large sum of money after the disappearance of Gabby Petito. It is therefore for tax evasion that the arrest warrant was issued against the young man, but the FBI already knows that the money withdrawn from an account that did not belong to him could also be linked to the case. Petito. The search to find him continues on the side of the police but also on the side of civilians who want to solve the case just as much. A Tempa Bay lawyer cabinat is even offering a reward of $ 20,000 to anyone who gives information that leads directly to Brian Laundrie.

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie © Instagram / Gabby Petito

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