Gabby Petito affair: this last disturbing text message which put the chip in the ear of his mother

Gabrielle Petito and her companion Brian Laundrie had started a van trip in July across the United States. The road trip was supposed to last four months but Brian Laundrie returned to Florida alone on September 1, refusing to say Gabby’s whereabouts. On Sunday, September 19, a body was found in Grand Teton National Park in Mosey. The FBI has confirmed that it matches Gabby’s, an autopsy is due.

While Brian Laundrie, the only suspect, has vanished, the investigation continues. On Monday, September 20, documents were released. Gabby Petito’s mother would have received a strange message on August 27. This is the last text sent by the young girl.

Gabby Petito’s latest text doesn’t match his writing style

Gabby Petito’s mother received the message: “Can you help Stan, I keep getting messages, but I’m missing his calls.” She quickly realized that something was wrong. Indeed, Stan was the grandfather of the young woman, who never called him by his first name. According to agent Daniel Alix, quoted by the New York Post: “This was the last communication with Gabby. Her phone then stopped working and she stopped posting on social networks. For her family, it was not normal on his part “.

Gabby Petito’s mother also shared another mysterious message she received: “There is no network in Yosemite”. For her, her daughter is unlikely to actually be the author of the text. This strange behavior did not correspond to the young woman who was very active and shared her entire trip on social networks.

Police are now continuing their investigation to determine the causes of Gabby Petito’s death and whether she was the victim of domestic violence. For now, they are still without news of his companion, who was last seen last week in a nature reserve after leaving his parents’ home.

Gabby Petito © Instagram Capture @gabspetito

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