Fake news. The search for Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito’s boyfriend, is still ongoing in Florida. The latter disappeared just days before the body of the influencer was found in Wyoming. The couple had gone on vacation on a road trip in a van with which Brian Laundrie returned alone on September 1. He then left with his parents before disappearing in turn. The main suspect in the murder of Gabby Petito, the young man is actively wanted by the police and the FBI, and his father has also recently indicated that, under the order of investigators, he is joining the efforts of the police. the order to find his son. Other new information has also recently circulated on the internet, information which was later denied by the police.

An unidentified source who claimed to have links to the investigation recently revealed to CNN that traces of an encampment were found in the Carlton Reserve, a Florida nature reserve of more than 10,000 hectares consisting of the vast majority of areas swamps. A police spokesperson, however, confirmed to the People site that no encampment was found by the authorities. The source in question has disclosed false information and it therefore appears that the 23-year-old has not established a camp in the Carlton Reserve, or at least no camp that the police have managed to find so far. .

Brian Laundrie has been on the run since September 23

Brian Laundrie was last seen on September 13, two days after influencer Gabby Petito, who was also his fiancee, was reported missing by her family. Gabby Petito’s body was found on September 19, she was 22 years old. After the autopsy confirmed a homicide death, investigators were able to determine that the murder took place between August 27 and August 30. As a reminder, Brian Laundrie has been wanted by the authorities and considered a fugitive since September 23 only. He is the subject of an arrest warrant for unauthorized use of a credit card – Gabby Petito’s. Despite being a person of interest in the ongoing homicide investigation, Brian Petito has so far not been formally charged with anything.

The Gabby Petito affair © Instagram / Gabby Petito

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