The mystery remains unsolved. Tuesday, September 1, 2021, Brian Laundrie returns alone to his home, located in Florida, while he had gone on a road trip with his fiancée. Several days later, Gabby Petito’s body was found in a forest in Wyoming. Since then, a real manhunt has been launched to find the Instagrammer’s fiancé. If speculation is rife on his involvement in the death of the young woman (his parents having remained unmoved despite calls from the Petito family who were desperately trying to find the influencer), the authorities do not consider him a suspect.

On the Web, however, rumors and theories circulate. Roberta and Christopher Laundrie were thus forced to let it be known that they were actively participating in the search for their son “from the start”, through their lawyer, Thursday, October 7, 2021. The reason? Social media users estimated Brian Laundrie was hiding in their backyard. But what could have inspired this crazy theory? According to the British tabloid The Sun, images of their garden, captured by a drone, reveal Roberta Laudrie in the middle of gardening, supported by her husband, not far from a square white pit, leaving Internet users to think that Brian Laundrie would be hiding in an underground bunker. A theory without proof.

Help from Brian Laundrie’s parents, “a trick”?

And a former fugitive by the name of Seth Ferranti – he was one of America’s most wanted people in the 1990s before he was arrested for drug trafficking – risks making life difficult for them. Still according to our colleagues from across the Channel, he felt that the help of Brian Laundrie’s parents is only a “ruse” to “avoid accusations.” As the 23-year-old’s on the run continues, the police are gradually losing hope.

Gabby Petito © INSTAGRAM

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