It was on September 11 that Gabby Petito’s parents notified the police of her disappearance. On September 1, the young woman’s fiancé, Brian Laundrie, returned from their roadtrip in the great parks of the United States alone, in the van in which they traveled, to find his parents where the couple lived. Despite questions from Gabby Petito’s family, Brian Laundrie never wanted to say anything about the whereabouts of the young YouTuber. On September 11, when the investigation began to find her, Brian Laundrie set off again, with his parents this time, before being in turn reported missing on September 17 by his parents. The 23-year-old’s parents are said to have last seen him on September 14 in a Florida nature reserve. Gabby Petito’s body was discovered on September 19.

The mysteries surrounding this second trip are many, especially since the activity of Brian’s parents also seemed suspicious to their neighbors. They spoke to Fox News on September 22 to tell the details of the trip, which took place just a week after Brian Laundrie returned home to his parents. “I was in the front yard and noticed they had a new trailer for the back of their pickup. I didn’t find anything unusual. They had a new trailer and so they wanted it. ‘set up. I saw them working. Then they prepared for their trip and I saw them load the motorhome. ” The neighbor in question, William Guthrie, therefore assumed that Brian’s parents were preparing to go camping, so far nothing abnormal. Yet one detail bothered them: the presence of Brian who was part of the trip.

Why did Brian Laundrie leave with his parents?

“Parents going on a trip, it was normal. But taking their 23-year-old son with them, in that tiny trailer in the back of their truck, that was strange for us.” Especially since the date of departure on the trip of the Laundrie family corresponds to the date when Gabby Petito’s parents officially reported her missing, on September 11. The FBI, also in charge of the case, recently called Gabby Petito’s death a homicide, and is currently actively looking for Brian Laundrie. According to several witnesses, the couple had a violent argument on August 12 in Utah, an argument which had led to the intervention of the police. For the lawyer of the Petito family, there is no doubt, Brian Laundrie “has not disappeared, he is in hiding”.

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