Gabby Petito affair: the sly technique of his companion to prevent him from going out

Was their romance really without a hitch? Since the disappearance and death of Gabby Petito, this is the question that haunts most fans of the 22-year-old Instagrammer. In an episode of the American news program, 48 Hours, broadcast on CBS, a friend of the influencer slipped disturbing revelations about her relationship with Brian Laundrie, this Saturday, September 25. Rose Davis met the young woman on social networks and their bond has only grown since, since they shared a common passion for videos and social networks. But confronted with Gabby Petito’s fiancé, Rose Davis was far from thrilled.

“I was worried that they would spend so much time together because the last time I saw them their relationship was not looking good,” she said, describing her reaction to the couple’s decision to get together. embark on an American road trip in a van. According to her, Brian Laundrie would have even been ready to prevent his partner from going out with her friend in order, thus resorting to a shocking ploy. “He stole her ID card (…) and it was really upsetting for her. You’re engaged, it’s not supposed to be like that.” The 23-year-old simply wouldn’t have wanted Gabby Petito to go out one night with Rose Davis. Without an identity card, American bars and nightclubs being very strict on the age limit set at 21, it is impossible for her to enter a bar. A chilling ability to manipulate in the eyes of Rose Davis. “I don’t want people to say that I call him a full-fledged manipulator, but he will manipulate the situation to get what he wants out of it.”

Gabby Petito: a violent argument with Brian Laundrie

The revelations are linked around the couple of Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie, while the latter remains actively sought by the authorities as a person of interest (he is also the subject of an arrest warrant for bank fraud. For now, he is not charged with the murder of the young woman.A shocking video was unveiled to the general public, shortly before the body of the influencer was discovered.

This video – filmed by the body camera of a police officer – would have followed a violent argument between the lovebirds. We see Gabby Petito trembling and sobbing while Brian Laundrie retains an Olympian calm. Authorities were contacted by a vacationer who believed he had crossed paths with the couple in the midst of a beating. “It takes a lot for her to make her so hysterical,” said Rose Davis, “when I saw this video I knew it was more than a little argument.”

Gabby Petito © INSTAGRAM

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