Gabby Petito affair: terrifying information comes out about her boyfriend Brian Laundrie

Dog the Bounty Hunter, bounty hunter and TV star, joined the manhunt a few weeks ago in order to find Brian Laudrie. Suspected of the murder of his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, the young man has been missing since the middle of September and remains nowhere to be found. But on Friday October 8, Dog the Bounty Hunter shared terrifying new findings to British media outlet The Sun.

“I think more and more that he maybe a serial killer, not just a Gabby killer,” the bounty hunter told media. For him, Brian Laundrie is still capable of the worst. Dog the Bounty Hunter explained that he still relies heavily on social media profiles to track down fugitives. So he also did with Brian Laudrie, alongside his wife. “What my wife and I found on Facebook is absolutely terrifying. There are pictures of demonic angels standing there with the sword, and their throats are bleeding. There is blood spurting out of their eyes.” When they discover these illustrations on the young man’s social networks, Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife have goose bumps.

“A killer is made, is built, to be a killer”

But their discovery does not end there. The bounty hunter also claims Brian Laundrie would pay close attention to the serial killer books. “The books he read are amazing. This kid took those books to heart.” In one of his Instagram posts, the young man also quotes author Chuck Palahniuk and his horror novel “Lullaby”.

So according to Dog the County Hunter, this is what happens when a youngster takes an interest in this stuff. “It’s demons, blood, … look what it led to.” For the bounty hunter, that’s for sure: Brian Laundrie didn’t become a killer overnight. This is a culmination of “demonic” things to which he has been exposed. “A killer is made, is built, to be a killer,” he told the media. Hopefully the fugitive is soon found and heard.

News item © Facebook © Duane “Dog” Chapman

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