New scandal around the Gabby Petito affair. While the sister of the prime suspect, Cassie Laundrie, was recently in the limelight after hinting that she believes her brother is indeed capable of killing his girlfriend, it is now the neighbors of Laundrie who are talking about them. According to the Perez Hilton website, those who live near the home of Brian Laundrie’s parents, where the latter also lived with Gabby Petito, have found a way to exploit the media excitement surrounding the death of the influencer. . Since the police prohibited journalists from parking in the street, the neighbors decided to rent out their lawns and driveways in order to make the most of their space.

The Perez Hilton website reports that some go as far as renting a seat for $ 3,500 a week, an impressive sum which, obviously, does not deter the most motivated journalists. The latter had already been favored by some neighbors who had not hesitated to set up tents for journalists, also allowing them to have access to their internet connection or even their toilets. Since the police took over the task of chasing journalists from the streets, the neighbors have therefore found a new way to help them: by renting them their private spaces to allow them to continue to observe the Laundrie family as closely as possible.

Brian Laundrie still wanted by the police and the FBI

The Gabby Petito affair began in August, when the young influencer disappeared while on vacation with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie. The couple had left in a van for a road trip across the United States. Only on September 1, Brian returned home alone to his parents, driving the van. He gave no information to Gabby Petito’s family about the latter, and the girl was therefore reported missing by her relatives on September 11. The same day, Brian Laundrie went on vacation with his parents, before disappearing in turn a few days later. Gabby Petito’s body was found on September 19 and the autopsy confirmed that it was intentional homicide. Even if witnesses claim to have seen Brian Laundrie in Florida, the latter remains untraceable.

The Gabby Petito affair © Instagram / Gabby Petito

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