Gabby Petito affair: a lookalike of her boyfriend fell into an FBI ambush

The Gabby Petito affair is desperately awaiting an outcome. Found dead strangled in a forest in Wyoming in September 2021, the 22-year-old influencer embarked on an American road trip with her ex-fiancé, Brian Laundrie. The latter, who disappeared after reaching his home alone on September 1, 2021, is now actively sought by the FBI. He is not, however, considered a suspect. For several weeks now, all eyes have been on the Appalachian Trail in Quebec. A place that the 23-year-old could well have joined to continue his run. Thus, the authorities leave nothing to chance … even if it means making a few mistakes.

Indeed, according to the information of the American magazine The New Yorker of this Saturday, October 16, 2021, a hiker named Severin Beckwith was confused with Brian Laundrie. Due, its astonishing resemblance to the main concerned. He was then in the company of the woman who shares his daily life, a certain Anna Brettmann. The couple were enjoying a moment of rest at the Fontana Village Resort after a romantic lunch when they heard someone knocking on their bedroom door. Upon opening it, Severin Beckwith found himself facing “a group of men with riot shields (…) handguns” pointed at his face. He was then handcuffed as one of them helped him get dressed. The team of agents were convinced they had found Brian Laundrie.

Brian Laundrie lookalike was entitled to compensation

If he was stopped by mistake, it was mainly because of a cut on the upper part of his inner ear. A detail Severin Beckwith would share with the fugitive. To top it off, the hiker and his companion booked a room with a credit card at an Empire State ID. Gabby Petito was originally from Long Island, an island in the northeast of the United States belonging to the state of New York. It was only by showing his identity card and proving that he did not have any of Brian Laundrie’s tattoos that Severin Beckwith was able to prove the authorities’ error, allegedly being solicited by a member of staff at the Fontana Village Resort. He was encouraged to trim a beard, another physical distinction he shares with Brian Laundrie. And this, to his chagrin. But all’s well that ends well: Severin Beckwith and his partner were entitled to a night and a breakfast offered by the Fontana Village Resort as compensation.

Gabby Petito © INSTAGRAM

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