Funeral of Prince Philip: Meghan Markle accused of having made a publicity stunt

It was Daniela Elsa, commentator, who accused the Duchess of Sussex, who was unable to come to the UK, of using Prince Philip’s funeral as a publicity stunt. Meghan Markle has disclosed details of the handwritten crown memo to the Duke of Edinburgh to the press. This royal family expert has claimed that the Duchess of Sussex used the Duke’s funeral as a deeply problematic publicity stunt.

“What is baffling here is why and how, on a day that should have been resolutely and solely devoted to the Duke’s celebration, something Sussex related managed to make headlines,” Daniela wrote. Elsa. “While Buckingham Palace has released a cavalcade of details on yesterday’s proceedings, from the precise times to the exact spot where Philip’s valets would stand, no details of the other eight crowns that were laid in the chapel has not been communicated, ”she continued.

“An opportunity to boost public relations”

Daniela Elsa also mentioned that Meghan Markle took the opportunity to advertise florist Willow Crossley. Recall that the latter was in charge of the flowers at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and during Archie’s christening in 2019. “But why did anyone feel the need to share this information with the whole world? ”Elsa remarked.

“The conclusion here is that the details of the salvo created by Crossley are known today, and making the headlines, because someone wanted them to be known,” Elsa said. Note that the representatives of the Duchess have been invited to comment on the subject.

Meghan Markle © AGENCY

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