It is a news item that has completely hit the headlines. Let’s go back to 2019 and go to the heart of the State of Michigan, in the United States. Alerted by strange noises, local police enter the basement of a small house and find… the mutilated remains of a 25-year-old man named Kevin Bacon. The cellar of the house in question belongs to a certain Mark David Latunski, and the latter was absolutely not known to the police until then.

After performing an autopsy on the half-dismembered body, medical examiners have delivered their verdict: post-mortem analysis showed that Kevin Bacon had been stabbed several times before being hung by the ankles and having his arm cut off. throat. Already, the facts are chilling. But the police were not yet at the end of their surprises: a more in-depth investigation revealed that the missing parts of his body had been… eaten by the owner of the premises. Namely this Mark David Latunski.

His executioner… ate his testicles

Logically arrested and placed in pre-trial detention pending his trial, which will be held at the beginning of October in Michigan, Mark Latunski did not seem to be suffering from dementia. His lawyer also declared that the latter “had been very clear, on many occasions, about his choice and his motivations”. But how could this have happened? Mark Latunski met Kevin Bacon via the Grindr application, dedicated to meetings between gay or bisexual men. During their first meeting, the victim would have confessed to him that he was suicidal. And there, everything changed.

Mark Latunski then offered to help him disappear. His primary intention was to kill him by stabbing him, but since Kevin Bacon was still alive after receiving the stab wound that should have been fatal, Mark Latunski says he then decided to finish him off by slitting his throat. As for body parts eaten? He simply decided to eat his testicles, because “it’s a dish he’s used to eating”.

From the testicles of a bull to those of a man… He loses his mind and commits a terrible act

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