Prince Harry was invited to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on January 10
An opportunity for the Duke of Sussex to make jokes, but also to attack his family again
Meghan Markle’s husband claimed the content of his memoir scared family members

On Tuesday January 10, Prince Harry, 38, was the guest of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. An opportunity for him to make jokes, but above all to come back to the controversial content of his memoirs, Spare. During this interview, Meghan Markle’s husband did not fail to launch a new attack on the royal family, according to the Daily Mail. Glass of tequila in hand, the 38-year-old royal also made a few light jokes and also talked about his genitals.

During the show, Prince Harry let loose by taking part in a sketch with Tom Hanks. Archie and Lilibeth’s dad had also toasted with Stephen Colbert as he eulogized America. Prince Harry had in particular underlined the fact that the United States was a “good place to live”. In the meantime, he greatly emphasized the fact that he loved beautiful California. This drew applause from the audience. Moreover, the Duke of Sussex had also excited the crowd on several occasions, in particular by offering a round of tequila. In the process, Prince William’s brother also shared his career in the army. “Are there any veterans in the room?” he asked.

Prince Harry: the royal family is actively campaigning to undermine his book?

Of course, this interview also went through more serious moments during which Prince Harry again attacked his family. The royal notably spoke about the negative reaction to his memoir. Stephen Colbert then asked him if it was possible that members of the royal family could carry out an “active campaign to undermine this book”. “Of course,” replied the Duke of Sussex, adding that the British press was also complicit in this campaign. “But with the help and complicity of the Palace”, Colbert then replied and the prince answered: “Once again, of course”. “There are a lot of things in there that maybe make people uncomfortable and scared them,” Prince Harry added.

"Frightened": the resounding exit of Prince Harry on the royal family

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