No, it’s not only in love where you can experience painful breakups. Sometimes friendships, even very long ones, also have to end. Signs, toxic behavior, feeling of betrayal, many factors can prove that a friendly relationship has come to an end. To help people recognize when this is happening, American psychologist Meredith Prescott has listed several key points.

First of all, comes the question of the regularity of the meetings. Do you force yourself to date your friends? Are you happy, enthusiastic or impatient to see him or her again? Or, on the contrary, does it make you anxious and do you prefer to space out meetings? If the message returned by your brain is not very clear, the best thing to do is to realize how your dialogues are going. Do you feel a gap in commonalities and passions that has widened over time? Sometimes two people just evolve differently and have to cut ties to move on to something more exciting.

A psychologist shed light on the signs of the end of a friendly relationship

Because it is not uncommon for two people, who may have seemed linked at one point in their lives, to end up not having much in common. Through encounters and life experiences, human beings are constantly changing. Perhaps your states of mind are no longer in harmony. This is often the case when you no longer feel on the same wavelength during a friendly relationship. If this happens, your friend’s company may no longer be enjoyable. Worse still: it could cause you to no longer be yourself in his presence. Clear signs of the end of a friendly relationship.

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