“Friday”: what happened to singer Rebecca Black?

Since the end of her “bad buzz”, Rebecca Black has withdrawn a lot. Over the years, she has only posted a few photos on her Instagram account. It was at the age of 14 that the young singer was approached by a certain Patrice Wilson. The man introduced himself as a producer and proposed to Rebecca Black’s parents to launch their daughter’s career. Rebecca Black’s dream was about to come true. This is how the hit “Friday” was born. Unfortunately, the song was not unanimous: the public criticized it for stupid lyrics and a too silly clip. Today, the video has 147 million views on Youtube. 1.2 million “likes” for 3.8 million “dislikes”. Which ranks the clip as the fourteenth most hated Youtube videos of 2020.

Rebecca Black still has music in her skin

But today what becomes of it? It is a woman like the others or almost! Rebecca Black has not given up on her passion for music. She has been able to recover from her bad times and offers her fans new titles regularly. On social networks, she posts photos or videos of herself dancing or singing. On the private side, she recently announced her bisexuality on her Instagram account and received the support of her subscribers. She is also very committed to the cause of LGBTQ + and does not hesitate to show her support for the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Those who had targeted her are now far behind her, the young woman is now happy and fulfilled and she has shown us that she had a mind of steel!

Rebecca Black ©

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