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Freewheeling Donald Trump again: his delirious tweet before the announcement of his defeat

It’s official, according to several American media including CNN, Joe Biden is the 46th American president. At the time of writing this article, Donald Trump has yet to react to this victory. An announcement that will certainly surprise him since he had announced for the umpteenth time his electoral victory in a rather delirious tweet an hour before the results. “I won this election with a lot of lead,” he wrote. A prediction that will therefore not have taken place. Was the president still in denial despite the mounting evidence showing his defeat?

Donald Trump has never hidden it, his Twitter account is a real outlet for him, as Internet users have seen throughout his mandate. If he used to tweet several times during the day, it is a very angry president who has appeared since the start of the elections on November 3. Indeed, he has continued to string together messages full of innuendo. If in some he claimed his victory in several states where the votes were not yet counted, he did not hesitate to speak of fraud in others. “People have been clamoring ‘Stop the count, we are asking for transparency!’ He tweeted.


– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 7, 2020

The Republican president still did not seem ready to accept a potential defeat this morning as he showed in his series of morning tweets in which he referred to “tens of thousands of illegally arrived ballots”. Deemed to be erroneous by the social network, they were immediately masked so that the user who wishes to read them knows that there is no proof of the veracity of these words. If he hasn’t reacted so far, will he be ready to accept defeat?

Donald Trump © Capture Twitter

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