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Freddie Mercury: Brian May makes heartbreaking revelations about the singer’s deterioration at the end of his life

We are the champions, Bohemian Rhapsody or even The Show Must Go On, all hits that the whole world remembers and sings very often. The Queen group was formed in 1970 with Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Tyler. The following year, John Deacon joined the group. They quickly met with great success and are still very popular with the public to this day. However, they suffered a tragic event in 1991, when Freddie Mercury, only 45, died of AIDS. Indeed, he had announced this bad news only 24 hours before his tragic death.

In an interview with The Sunday Times in 2017, his friend Brian May made revelations about the singer’s state of health at the end of his life. This disease had devastated his whole body but more particularly his foot. “The problem was his foot. One time he showed it to us at dinner and he said ‘Oh Brian, I’m sorry I bothered you by showing you this,” says Brian May. Freddie Mercury hadn’t wanted his illness to be known, however, and only a small group of close friends knew about it. Indeed, Brian May revealed that during the Live Aid concert in July 1985, none of the band members knew about it. “We weren’t sure what was wrong for a very long time. We never talked about it. He just told us he wasn’t ready to tour, and that’s it. Little by little. bit, I guess in the last year or so you could become what the problem was, or at least that was pretty obvious. We weren’t sure for sure, “he explained.

A farewell song

For several years, Freddie Mercury made the choice not to worry about his illness. Even though his condition kept worsening, he did not want to admit it and did not realize it until 1987, four years before his death. Indeed, Mary Austin, whom Freddie Mercury considered the love of his life, convinced him to take the test. Knowing that he was doomed, he did not wish to know the result. He rejected this idea for a very long time and wanted to continue living normally. On October 14, 1991, the single The Show Must Go On was released in Great Britain. A song which, after the death of Freddie Mercury, took on its full meaning. Indeed, the song is written in the first person. “Inside my heart is breaking. My makeup may be flaking off. But my smile is still there,” he sings. “I’ll be leaving soon. Outside, dawn is breaking but inside in the dark, I want to be free,” he says in the chorus. A song that can be seen as a farewell to his fans, to let them know that he was finally going to be free from the disease. 29 years after his death, the singer is still present in the hearts of his fans who were able to rediscover his story thanks to the film Bohemian Rhapsody released in 2018. As Freddie Mercury said, The Show Must Go On.

Freddie Mercury © ALPHA AGENCY

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