Terrible news for the world of cinema. The comedian, Frank Vallelonga, best known for starring in the Oscar-winning film Green Book, has been found dead in the street. It was TMZ who revealed this sad disappearance based on the statements of the NYPD. He told the media that he received a 911 call about an unconscious man in the Bronx. When he arrived at the scene, the NYPD let the news outlet know that they came across a dead body on the street. He was later identified as Frank Vallelonga. For now, the causes of his death have not been disclosed. According to a suspect, who said he threw the body of the actor in the street, he would have overdosed. Frank Vallelonga was only 60 years old and breathed his last on November 28, 2022.

For the world of cinema, this is a great loss. Since his youngest, he has always cradled in the world of the seventh art. For good reason, his father, Tony Lip, had played in the Sopranos while his brother, Nick, co-wrote and produced Green Book. This smash hit feature film was based on the life of their late father who had worked as a bouncer in the 60s before breaking into acting. In 2013, when Tony Lip breathed his last, his two sons, including Frank Vallelonga, paid him a tender and moving tribute. This time, other actors pay tribute to the talent of Frank Vallelonga. “I loved that guy. He was a great guy,” The Sopranos actor Vincent Pastore lamented to the New York Daily News after learning of his death. “The last time I saw Frankie he came to one of my acting classes in town about six months ago.”

Tributes have multiplied since the announcement of the death of Frank Vallelonga

“Frank was a great guy, father, brother, actor and friend,” Frank Jr.’s manager, Melissa Prophet, told Entertainment Weekly. “He will be missed by many.” Along with starring in Green Book, he’s also been spotted in The Sopranos, The Neighborhood, and the 2021 film The Birthday Cake. For the moment, no information concerning the details of his funeral has been communicated. No doubt there should be a lot of people.

Frank Vallelonga: the corpse of the actor seen in Green Book found in the middle of the street

Frank Vallelonga © Youtube

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