Frank Delay is no longer a heart to take. After two and a half years of celibacy, the 2be3 found love again. It is indeed in the columns of the magazine Public that he confided in his love life. “I met someone, it’s going well.” he confided. According to him, the former member of the boy band has been in a relationship since April 2022. “I was single for two and a half years and today I think I finally settle down,” he added. Moreover, everything is going so well between the lovers that they have a common project. “We have the project to move in together” revealed Fran Delay.

What does Filip Nikoli’s former sidekick like above all in a woman? Let her trust him! “She has to understand my job, my movements, my way of working… I am in an environment of seduction despite everything and I need this person to trust me because yes, when we do a concert, we go to the hotel, a lot of things can happen… She really has to be sure of me. And then I need someone who supports me, gives me advice… And then I have need gentleness, kindness!” he specified.

Frank Delay already a dad

As a reminder, Frank Delay is already the father of three children he had from two different mothers. “I no longer live with Lana’s mother, who is 7 years old, but we get along well. I see my daughter every other weekend, on Wednesdays, as soon as I can pick her up, I go! As for my eldest sons, they live with me. They are students. Jay-Lee got his degree in eco-management at the Sorbonne and Kezian is entering the 3rd year of foreign languages ​​at Nanterre. We get along well, they are nice boys.” he concluded.

Frank Delay as a couple: the 2be3 has found love after 2 and a half years of celibacy

Frank Delay © Gorassini-Guirec


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