It was time for confidence for François Rollin. Guest of the show “Chez Jordan” on October 19, 2022, the actor agreed to talk about his private life. Faced with the host, he thus made rare confidences about his children, whose identity he is careful not to reveal. “They are called Ulysse, Agathe, Eglantine, Virgil and Nina” however revealed François Rollin live from C8. According to him, all are proud of their dad but do not exercise in the same environment as him. “I discern skills in them or at least ways of thinking that I hope I have passed on to them, but I don’t particularly want them to be in the business these days. The mother of my youngest daughter is in the business. middle and I can see how she is rowing for an acting role where there are 600 candidates. It’s not easy.” he explained before revealing that the mother of his last daughter is named Tatiana. “That’s what my daughter summed up by saying it was a whore’s name. My daughter likes to make jokes” then swung François Rollin, shocking Jordan. “She is funny this one” replied the facilitator.

François Rollin in a relationship with a woman 35 years his junior

At ease on the subject of his private life, François Rollin also did not hesitate to make some confidences about his relationship with the one who shares his life, Tatiana. “It’s been 12 years,” he said. With the women who have shared his life, the actor and humorist considers himself to be quite simple to live with. “You have to believe that it’s not that complicated because the women who lived with me lived a long time. With Tatiana we weren’t given much of a future because we have a big age difference. She’s 35 years younger than me.” then admitted François Rollin. But does he care about people’s eyes? “It’s not even complicated… It doesn’t matter, just don’t look at it in the eyes of others. You shouldn’t worry about it. In any case, the eyes of others you will meet even when there is nothing that goes beyond, we will still find something that is wrong for you. The word of friends is one thing but the eyes of everyone must above all not be burdened with that. explained François Rollin.

François Rollin discreet: why he does not talk about his private life

Note that if François Rollin speaks very little about his private life, it is because he believes that is what matters most. “I’m built in such a way that everything about my professional life I don’t care about completely and everything that’s important to me is in the area of ​​private life so it’s friends, children , loves. In my professional life I unpack everything, and in my private life I keep” concluded the 70-year-old man. One thing is certain: the saying “Live hidden to live happily” seems to suit him perfectly.

François Rollin as a couple: his very rare secrets about his five children and his 35-year-old companion

Francois Rollin © Capture C8

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