After having shown himself on numerous occasions alongside the Yellow Vests, during the demonstrations, Francis Lalanne made the headlines for the wrong reasons. According to information from Le Parisien, he was sentenced by the courts on Monday, February 20, 2023. Two days earlier, he had been placed in police custody for “moral harassment” after falling out with the mother of his last child. Indeed, his ex-girlfriend, aged 24, mother of her three-year-old daughter, would have let him know that she wanted to separate from him. She also allegedly asked him to leave their home. Not agreeing, the 64-year-old singer allegedly robbed him and stole his cell phone before damaging the lock of his apartment.

According to information from our colleagues from Le Parisien, during his hearing in police custody, Francis Lalanne admitted the facts. He would also have assured that he realized that his ex-girlfriend wanted to end their relationship and accept it. Faced with the reaction of the singer, the prosecution therefore did not make the decision to retain, against him, the charges of violence and harassment of a spouse. Thus, he took the decision to launch a criminal composition procedure which resulted on Monday January 20, 2023 in a fine of 800 euros against Francis Lalanne. He is also prohibited from going to the home of his ex-companion.

Francis Lalanne had shown himself against the vaccine to counter the Covid-19

After returning to center stage during the Yellow Vests crisis, he also made the news by standing for election, while getting very few votes. During the Covid-19 pandemic, there again he had a lot of talk about him since he had adopted positions against the vaccine.

Francis Lalanne in full break: the singer condemned after a clash with the mother of his last child

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