Fran Dresher: why the hellish nanny didn’t have children?

Fran Drescher rose to fame in the Nanny series, which she co-created with her ex-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson. The two got to know each other when they were very young, in theater class. In the 1970s, the couple moved to Los Angeles to try their luck in show business. After several unsuccessful attempts, they created the series Une nanny d’enfer in 1993, in which the actress played the main role, that of Fran Fine, a very eccentric nanny! Success is at the rendezvous: audiences explode. The show is part of the cult series of the 1990s, until its end clap, in 1999.

In terms of private life, Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson have never had children! It must be said that the couple was not spared by the ordeals … First, in 1985, when Fran Drescher was raped in their house under the eyes of her husband, tied up by criminals. Then, in 2000, when the actress was diagnosed with uterine cancer and had to undergo a hysterectomy when she was 43. Thereafter, she never tried to have children, either through adoption or through a surrogate mother. In an interview for People in 2009, she declared: “I regretted not having had children but I gave birth to other beautiful things in her life”.

Why did Fran Drescher divorce her first husband?

Peter Marc Jacobson and Fran Drescher divorced in 1999, along with the end of the Nanny! The writer and producer later found out he was gay after years of marriage. He remained on excellent terms with Fran Drescher and together they created a second series, Happily Divorced. On the heart side, the actress found love in the arms of scientist Shiva Ayyadurai in 2014, but the couple divorced in 2016. In 2018, during an interview given to Page Six, the one who played the nanny (turned companion) of “Mister Sheffiiiiiiiield” confided that she had a sexfriend and that he suited her very well: “I have someone next door who is a friend with advantages. We really do not go out, we don’t go to restaurants, we don’t go out together. What we do, we do very well. “


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