Fourteen girls harassed and threatened with death on Instagram

Since last September, a young man aged 26 has been harassing young girls on the social network Instagram. He always proceeded in the same way: he created a fake profile then multiplied the messages against his victims, when the latter blocked him, he then opened a new account, sometimes impersonating male profiles. “Most of the messages are of a sexual nature, but insults and death threats are also recurrent,” said the prosecutor’s office in Sens, in Yonne, in Le Figaro. The alleged harasser sometimes even went so far as to exercise physical surveillance on some of his victims. “Two of the people who lodged a complaint were followed at their workplace. This was seen following damage found on the front of the store where they worked: insulting messages that corresponded to those the victims received online have been identified, “said the prosecutor.

The alleged perpetrator was the subject of a psychiatric examination

Fourteen young girls have lodged a complaint, most of them are students or high school girls in their twenties, and all of them live in the vicinity of Sens. An investigation was opened, the man, manager of stores in Sens, was arrested for “malicious calls or telephone messages, repeated death threats and identity theft”. He was referred, this Wednesday, March 24, to the judicial court of Sens before being placed under judicial control before his judgment scheduled for May 18. The alleged perpetrator, unknown to justice, was also the subject of a psychiatric expertise, the conclusions of which are not yet known.

Fourteen young girls harassed and threatened with death on Instagram © ALAIN GUIZARD

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