According to information reported by Paris Match, a teenager who died in 1985 has finally been identified by the American police. Given the complete lack of information when her body was discovered, the police gave her the nickname “Baby Girl”. Nearly 37 years after the discovery of her bones, police have discovered her real name was Tracy Sue Walker. In 1978, she was only 15 when she disappeared from her home in Indiana. It was not until April 3, 1985, that his remains were discovered in Elk Valley.

The identification of Tracy Sue Walker was possible through genetic genealogy, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) said. The police never gave up and continued their efforts to discover the identity of the unfortunate woman. A sample of the remains of Tracy Sue Walker has been submitted to the Center for Human Identification at the University of North Texas (UNTCHI), reports Paris Match. This is where a DNA profile was developed before being integrated into various databases. By dint of perseverance, the investigators were finally able to discover his name.

His death was always considered murder

Although Tracy Sue Walker was able to recover her identity, many questions still revolve around her death. Moreover, the investigators have always prioritized the thesis of the murder as for the death of this teenager. This although the causes of his death have not yet been officially determined. The fact is that the bones of the victim were in very bad condition since they were gnawed by animals. The authorities have therefore asked for help from the general public in order to shed light on this story. To be continued…

Found dead in 1985, "Baby Girl" finally has a name

Found dead in 1985, ‘Baby Girl’ finally has a name © Pexels

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