Gifting things that have not been used is not a problem for many people. If some people think that offering a received gift is economical, others think that it is a cruel lack of good manners but also of generosity.

However, it should be noted who gave the gift so as not to give them the same present a few months or years later! This could cause some disappointments and quarrels… This is particularly the case of a woman who received an amazing present from her mother-in-law.

Gifts that come back

Anonymously, on the Mumsnet site, a woman took to the community to explain what had happened to her and how embarrassed she felt after her mother-in-law gave her a gift she gave her. had given herself for her birthday. Fulminating, she wrote: “On Christmas day, we open the presents of my parents-in-law. My mother-in-law gave me back two presents that I bought for her for her birthday. “I chose these gifts and they are adorable. She gave them to me! she continued.

Say it all or keep quiet

Astonished by this very strange choice, trying to understand what could have possibly motivated her mother-in-law, she asked: “Am I unreasonable to think that it is a little cheeky? “. Wondering about her motivations, she hesitated on the behavior to adopt. “I don’t know if I should tell him something” she noted in conclusion. In the comments following his post, the other members of the site were shocked by the situation.

A vicious circle

“I hope she then gives you back gifts, and so on! If this is never mentioned by any of you, it will always continue” commented a first person. More ironically, a second suggested she might have replied “Oh! You must have really liked the one I gave you for your birthday! Thank you ! “. Finally, a third stressed that she should improve in terms of “regifting”: “What she did is not correct (and yet I agree with this principle in general) but there is no may not have bad intentions behind it”. A final one concluded: “Rule #1 of regifting: keep track of who bought what! “.

For Christmas his mother-in-law gave him the presents she had given him for his birthday


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