A story worthy of a horror movie. Very early on Sunday, February 13, 2022, a New York resident was stabbed to death by a man who followed her and broke into her home. According to police comments reported by WNBC, 35-year-old Christina Yuna Lee was dropped off by a taxi outside her building in Chinatown overnight from Saturday to Sunday. According to what building owner Brian Chin saw on surveillance video, a man then followed her into the building. “She opened the door and he slipped right behind her. She didn’t even see he was there.”

In the middle of the night, two residents of the building began to hear screams coming from Christina Yuna Lee. Distraught and believing in an argument, they quickly called the police, it was then 4:23 in the morning. The New York Post specifies that one of the victim’s neighbors even heard Christina Yuna Lee cry out for help. “She was screaming for help, it was horrible. That’s what woke me up. She was repeating ‘Help me! Call for help!”. When law enforcement arrived they found the man had barricaded himself in his victim’s apartment and it wasn’t until they were able to get in that they found his lifeless body. Christina Yuna Lee in her bathtub, who had been stabbed multiple times.

The victim was stabbed several times

The bloody suspect, who tried to flee the scene of the crime, was arrested. It’s about Assamad Nash, a 25-year-old homeless young man who tried to escape down the fire escape before returning to hide under a bed. According to the New York Times, Assamad Nash had previously been arrested for various offenses including an incident with a 62-year-old man he punched in the face after an argument over a subway card. The police opened an investigation to determine if it was a racial crime. Eric Adams, the mayor of New York, has spoken following the murder. He called the crime “horrifying” and also added that he “stands in solidarity with the entire Asian community”. “Even if the individual who committed this heinous crime is behind bars, the reasons for his presence still exist. The mission of this government is clear: we cannot allow this kind of violence to flourish.”

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