Florence Thomassin has everything to be happy: a busy professional life and a personal life that fills her with happiness. Since 2008, in fact, she has been married to director and screenwriter Nicolas Boukhrief. If the couple is particularly discreet, the actress confided at length on one of the biggest regrets of her life: that of never having become a mother. In the columns of Parisian, in 2013, Florence Thomassin explained the reason why she had never had a child. And it’s not a choice. “I found it vexing, me who sculpts, not having known how to create beings of flesh, confided the actress, sterile. I felt it as a handicap. As if I did not fulfill my role as a woman.”

If the fact of never having been able to become a mother weighed on her for a long time, Florence Thomassin is today a fulfilled and fulfilled woman. “But now it’s assumed. Being an artist and a mother is difficult. When you’re not working, it’s not going well, and when you’re working, you’re not there …”, continued the actress . It must be said that Florence Thomassin has not had time to rest since she became known in 1989. That year, she landed her very first role in the film Le Crime d’Antoine, signed Marc Rivière, after having been a nude dancer for three years. In 2000, the actress agreed to play in the thriller An Affair of taste, directed by Bernard Rapp.

Florence Thomassin: “I really like playing moms”

A role that allowed her to be nominated for the César in the category of best actress in a supporting role. Florence Thomassin has a complete filmography since she has acted both in cinema and on television, where we have seen her in series and short films. “I really like playing moms, because I’m sterile and won’t be able to have any more children,” she told La Libre. A versatile woman, she also dabbled in theater and sculpture. “When I sculpt, I no longer have anything of a wild animal, I’m reasonable, calm, I’m the boss. When I’m not shooting, I sculpt, and vice versa”, she explained to Liberation there. a few years old.

Florence Thomassin © Giancarlo Gorassini

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