Florence Foresti is in love! Indeed, the comedian formalized his relationship with Alexandre Kominek during the show of Vincent Dedienne, a gala evening, last June. A love story that occurs after two years of celibacy. “At 50, we ask ourselves the real questions. Which man for me? How to find one? Is female homosexuality an option?”, she confided in the columns of Télérama. Before falling into the arms of her 33-year-old companion, Florence Foresti was in a relationship from 2011 to 2020 with director and screenwriter Xavier Maingon, who is notably behind the writing of the film Hollywood, in which the actress plays. Before him, she was in a relationship for four years with the artistic director Julien Mairesse, from 2006 to 2010. From this union was born a daughter, Toni, in 2007. Florence Foresti was married only once in her life : in 2002, she married comedian Jérôme Daran, before the couple decided to divorce two years later. On these weddings, she will say later in the columns of Marie Claire: “I was married only once, in Lyon, with a man whom I adored but with whom it was impossible to live. was a very romantic marriage. I will not remarry. Sure.”

Florence Foresti: this unvarnished confidence about her sex life

Not really known for her language of wood, Florence Foresti was very cash last September, when she was invited on the set of Daily. During the sequence on the guest playlist, the actress was asked what song she would put on for a night of love. After setting her sights on the UEFA Champions League anthem, the latter explained: “It’s rare, you have to sanctify the moment. From the age of 48, you have to realize that it’s a event…a live event you don’t want to miss. And sometimes there are goals!”

Florence Foresti: who is her ex-companion Xavier Maingon?

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