Suffice to say, Florence Foresti is a mother hen and above all proud of it. Indeed, the comedian speaks willingly of his daughter on the small screen, in particular in the Daily on TMC. Recall that during the deconfinement, she was the guest of Yann Barthès in May 2020. She wanted in particular to give her playlist of confinement. She took the opportunity to confide in the benefits of the 52 days of confinement. Florence Foresti did not fail to underline the positive impact on her relationship with her daughter.

“What’s good is that I was able to rebuild family ties, especially with my daughter, whom I see a lot more now, we were both, and that allowed us to start again on a good basis!” , she confided. “We created much more serene, peaceful moments, I’m happy!”, She added. Recall that his daughter made a nice irruption in the background during this show. This just to give a bit of trouble to his mother who was on the line.

Florence Foresti: “She is much worse, 13 years old is…”

In addition to her impromptu performance in Daily life in 2020, Florence Foresti also spoke about her daughter, Toni Mairesse Foresti, 14, on March 8, 2021, still on the Daily set. This for International Women’s Day. In answering the questions of the host, the comedian had said: “She is much worse, 13 years old is …”. “She understood that comedy cannot be improvised,” continues the comedian.

“When she saw me leave earlier, she said, ‘Mom, where are you going?’ Do you go to Daily? I’m too proud of you’. Because she saw that it’s for women. They are very militant young people, she is very proud of her mother”, still according to Florence Foresti. This testifies to a real closeness between the two.

Florence Foresti © VEEREN

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