Prince Harry hides nothing in his memoirs released on January 10.
The Duke of Sussex gives amazing details about his romantic past.
Prince Harry looks back on his story with Flea, the one who stuck the pieces together after his split with Chelsy Davy.

Spare ou Le Suppléant, released on January 10, 2023, is a veritable mine of information. Between the bombs and the attacks on members of the royal family, there are some revelations about the loves of Meghan Markle’s husband. Prince Harry, 38, has had several exes, most of whom are known to the public. Chelsy Davy, Cressida Bonas, Caroline Flack – the one who died tragically – and many others have been talked about. In his memoirs, Prince Harry talks about one of his conquests who was not entitled to the same media coverage as the others.

Archie and Lilibet’s dad mentions a certain Florence, nicknamed Flea in his book. Chelsy Davy is considered to be Prince Harry’s great love. At least, of all his conquests, it was with her that he stayed the longest. The couple broke up in the summer of 2011 after 6 years of relationship. After his separation from Chelsy Davy, the brother of Prince William, Prince of Wales, 40, was heartbroken. His loyal friends then decided to introduce him to a “brilliant, beautiful and cool” girl. According to Prince Harry’s accounts in his book, he falls in love with the young woman from Notting Hill.

Prince Harry: Flea leaves the Duke of Sussex on the phone

Although Prince Harry was in love with his new girlfriend, their romance only lasted a few weeks. The two lovebirds saw each other out of sight before “the press found out and the curtain fell on our idyll”, specifies the youngest son of Charles III in his book. Like the other conquests of Prince Harry before her, the one he nicknamed Flea was the prey of the media. Like the others before her, she also cracked, says Gala. “Flea called me in tears. There were eight paparazzi outside her house. They had chased her through half of London,” Prince Harry reveals in his book. Florence said to him: “I can’t take it anymore!” and decides to leave him on the phone.

"Flea called me in tears": this little-known romantic relationship on which Prince Harry lifts the veil

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