On April 11, 2021, in Pantin, Keneff Leauva’s life changed. That day, Firmine Richard’s son stabbed a certain Madami Touré several times. As Le Parisien had indicated two days later, he had been “indicted for murder and placed in pre-trial detention. Keneff Leauva is accused of having stabbed more than ten times a man with whom he allegedly had a dispute. on social networks'”, explained a police source. Since February 3, Keneff Leauva was tried before the Assize Court of Seine-Saint-Denis, which delivered its verdict on Friday February 10. He was sentenced to 19 years in prison, with compulsory care, six years less than the sentence initially required. The premeditation was ruled out and it was the murder as a repeat offense that was retained. Accustomed to social networks, Keneff Leauva spent most of his time there, even going so far as to threaten to cut the throat of anyone who approached his home. On April 11 in the morning, he returned with a bloody face and, during his trial, he provided details: “Someone came to get me, I defended myself. Now he is in Avicenna, the hospital de Bobigny,” he recalls telling his mother, who later helped him.

During his trial, Keneff Lauvea was able to count on the presence of his mother. In front of the judges, Firmine Richard evoked the facts. After her son said he fought back, she recalled seeing the knife lying on his bed. Firmine Richard grabbed it, before going to wash it. “I put it in my garden. I couldn’t see it anymore. I didn’t throw it away,” she explained to the presiding judge before continuing: “Not for a moment did I think that this sir was dead. I can repeat it to you 25 times, if you want sir”. When judges try to make her lose her footing, the actress does not budge. “You spot the tip of the knife in his jeans…”, says Master Szpiner before being cut by Firmine Richard. “So tell me? No need to have done Maths sup to know that Mamadi Touré was injured. It’s logical, my son told me that he is in Avicenne”. Since the start of this affair, Firmine Richard has never hesitated to support her son publicly. “I know my son is maturing. I know he’s not a killer,” she said at trial. Facing Jordan de Luxe a few weeks earlier, she said: “I have nothing to be ashamed of,” she said before adding: “My son is in prison and it’s true that for It’s very hard for me to live. But I have to live, I have to survive precisely for him”. Confidences in complete transparency.

Keneff Lauvea: had he already been sentenced by the courts?

Keneff Lauvea is a regular on social networks who had already been noticed by the courts. In 2017, he had traveled 700 km to fight with a user of the social network Periscope. He had been sentenced to two years in prison, including one year suspended for homophobic violence. Four years later, it was on a new platform that he got confused with a surfer. However, on this one, the goal was to multiply the clashes in order to earn money. “If Leauva stops clashing, he is excluded from the family. That’s how we exist,” explained Alice Dubernet, the general counsel. During his trial, the psychiatrist expert indicated that Keneff Lauvea was “in a confusion between reality and the virtual world. Social networks have become a universe of support to compensate for narcissistic failures”, reports the Parisian.

Firmine Richard: justice has decided, her son very heavily sentenced


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