What if the length of men’s fingers was enough to know whether or not they will suffer from baldness later on? If it seems crazy, it would seem that this simple fact is nevertheless a major piece of information about their hair future!

Recently, a study of 250 men over the age of 37 led experts to state that the chances of a man going bald are closely linked to the length of his fingers…

A question of centimeters

Generally affecting two out of three men, male pattern baldness is, for these gentlemen, a source of anxiety. Researchers at Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan designed an experiment by measuring the fingers of 250 men over the age of 37 who had been diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia, in other words, baldness. During their investigations, the scientists discovered that men with a shorter index finger from their ring finger to the right hand, have an increased risk of baldness and are more likely to go bald.

Warning signs

Also in this same study, experts believe that a larger ring finger may be a sign of high testosterone exposure in the womb. A phenomenon that would shrink the hair follicles. Generally, hair loss occurs when the hair growth cycle has been disrupted. Able to begin as early as the late teens or early twenties, baldness is noticeable by other signs such as noticeable thinning, a receding hairline, or signs of hair loss on the back of the head.

Right hand, left hand

“We found that the thinner the ratio of the second to fourth finger of the right hand, the higher the risk of developing alopecia,” commented the lead researcher of this study, Dr. Ching-Ying Wu, to the Mirror newspaper. . Their findings also highlighted other statistics. Thus, British white men have a 50% chance of losing their hair when they reach their forties. A percentage approaching 80% when they reach the age of 80. Men will never look at their hands the same way again!

Finger length could predict baldness according to this study


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