A member of the British royal family is going to participate in a reality show
Mike Tindall to fly to Australia for I Am A Celebrity program
A rather surprising candidate

He is a rather special reality TV candidate. Former rugby player and member of the British royal family, Mike Tindall, will soon take part in the show I am a celebrity. It is in the Australian jungle that the husband of the daughter of Princess Anne of England will have to evolve. He will appear alongside stars such as Boy George, comedian Seann Walsh and DJ Chris Moyles. While details of his involvement are still under wraps, a source told The Sun: “This is a massive coup. Mike has been treated to some of the most important moments in royal history for generations. He is sure to be understated, but its mere presence means this series will be an absolute must.”

Famous rugby player, for having notably won the World Cup in 2003 with England, it was in 2011 that he joined the British royal family by marrying Zara Phillips. Together they have three children, Mia, Lena and Lucas. Now a full member of the Windsor clan, he was even photographed alongside Prince Louis during the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations last June. He also accompanied his wife at the funeral of Elizabeth II. In his podcast, The Good, The Bad & The Rugby, the man said he was “blown away” by the emotion of an entire people at the death of their queen.

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He also took the opportunity to recall how attached Zara Phillips was to Elizabeth II: “Zara loved the queen beyond all. Their bond with the horses – the same with the princess royal – was important”. Thus, in a few months, the British will see Mike Tindall appear in a reality TV show. As a reminder, the last time members of the royal family participated in this type of program dates back to 1987. Princess Anne, Princes Andrew and Edward appeared in disguise in It’s A Royal Knockout. But according to several sources close to Buckingham, the Queen and Prince Philip were “appalled” to see members of their family on a reality show.

Mike Tindall, this atypical member

This time, it seems that the pill goes a little better. A spokesperson for I’m A Celeb said, “We’ll be announcing our lineup closer to the transmission,” to keep the suspense as high as possible. A rather atypical character in the British royal family, Mike Tindall had also paid a rather original tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. The husband of Zara Phillips, daughter of Princess Anne and granddaughter of Elizabeth, had shared in an Instagram story on Monday September 12 a drawing showing a corgi, in tears, sitting in front of a crown. If he knew Elizabeth II personally, Mike Tindall still had a little regret: “But I also have a lot of regrets for not having asked her for more things”, he admits, remembering “this nervousness when you get this chance to be seated next to her”.

His tribute to Elizabeth II

The death of Queen Elizabeth II left a big hole in the hearts of her family: “It was very sad, full of emotions but also joyful. In a way, it was great. To see the family reuniting at the complete. We can’t predict it. She was 96 years old, we know it’s going to happen but we’re never ready for the day it will happen. To see Zara in this state… She obviously loved the queen and their passion for the horses… They were very close thanks to that”. Touching words.

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