Parminder Singh Sidhu, a 49-year-old Briton, has tragically died after receiving a cancerous kidney by mistake. According to information reported by the Daily Mail, his first kidney problems began in his thirties. In 2005, the man flew to India to be transplanted. A successful transplant but which quickly turned into a nightmare. During confinement, the organ became a source of pain. So much so that the Englishman had it removed and replaced. The situation took a dramatic turn when doctors discovered that the new kidney was actually non-viable.

Complications occurred four months after the operation. The doctors noticed a lump on the kidney and thought it was a cyst. Further analyzes confirmed the presence of a particularly aggressive form of cancer. A real shock for the medical staff who had no reason to suspect cancer in the donor, the latter having died of a head injury. Spotted too late by medical professionals, the tumor eventually spread to Parminder’s spine. The organ was removed but the father died in March 2022.

His wife devastated since his death

“My husband trusted the doctors so much. How could they miss that?” lamented Tarjinder, Parminder’s wife. And to add: “He was a husband like the others. He wanted to undergo this intervention to improve his life. It is very, very hard for my children and me. 21 years old. I feel like a part of my body is missing. Something is constantly missing in my life. I have my family but he’s gone. He was my whole life.” Lydia Brown, medical examiner in West London, said: “This death is due to a known but very rare complication.

Father dies after mistakenly receiving cancerous kidney


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