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Father, 59, mutilated by his own dog who had previously attacked children

It’s a drama that took place in the city of Perth, Australia. A man named David Whitney was pronounced dead at his home on the evening of Monday, September 7, reports the Mirror. The 50-year-old father was brutally brutalized by his own dog following an argument he had with his roommate Brody Gardner, according to police reports. Western Australia Police officers had to call in rangers to help them remove and remove the aggressive Rottweiler. The animal has since been placed, after it rushed at officers, according to Yahoo News reports.

Despite the efforts of helpers who quickly arrived on the scene, the 59-year-old man died at his home at around 8 p.m. local time. The fatal dog attack was not the first, as the Rottweiler had attacked people before. Dave Whitney and his roommate Brody Gardner both had to have surgery after the animal attacked them in 2019. A neighbor had already complained about another incident. , in which the dog had been aggressive towards several children. According to 9News, a woman said the dog had already attacked “several children”. An investigation is underway.

Rottweiler © Pixabay

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