A simple discomfort that ended in drama. This Wednesday, October 13, a student in 4th grade at the Henri IV college in the city of Nay in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques died after becoming unwell in addition to gymnastics lessons. His condition, which was stable when leaving the gymnasium, deteriorated very quickly.

Immediately after his discomfort, the PE teacher called for help while two of his comrades took him to the infirmary. Following a first heart massage by the firefighters, it was decided that the pupil should be sent to the emergency room as quickly as possible. A helicopter was dispatched to transport him to Pau hospital.

A psychological unit set up

But it was too late: the child died of his discomfort, around 11:30 am. In shock, the students in her class returned home at lunchtime. A psychological cell was set up from this Thursday morning to help his comrades and the staff of the establishment.

A fatal discomfort © Pexels

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