A carjacker brutally beat a 72-year-old grandmother, reports the Daily Mail. Shirlene Hernandez, of San Antonio, Texas, was attacked during a quick layover on her way to buy a Diet Coke at a gas station. This is how she had the misfortune to meet her attacker who repeatedly punched her in the face. Bloodied and bruised, Shirlene Hernandez had no choice but to let her attacker take her car keys.

Three people witnessed the scene and tried to intervene to control the attacker. Only, the latter managed to flee with the victim’s car, according to the police. Shortly after, the police found the stolen car. The vehicle had been in a fatal accident on the highway. The carjacker was found dead inside.

“We reap what we sow, Karma”

Despite the circumstances, Shirlene Hernandez said she was sorry for her attacker. “A lot of people would say you reap what you sow, karma. I didn’t think that; the only thing I felt was really sad because he was dead,” she said. declared. “It is true that he had hurt me, but the Lord saw fit to end his suffering,” Shirlene added.

Still recovering with a face still bruised by the incident, Shirlene Hernandez no longer has a vehicle to go to work. She admitted all the same that she was not going to stop working so far, but that she would have to buy another car. To help her out, locals and her granddaughter, Helen Garcia, set up a GoFundMe page to help her raise the funds needed to buy a new car. If the initial objective was to raise 5,000 dollars, donations had already exceeded 23,000 dollars on Tuesday, April 19.

Shirlene Hernandez © Daily Mail

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